Anna Robinson

Hi there - thanks for stopping by. Here's a little bit about me. 

I've worked as a photographer for over twenty years and I still ABSOLUTELY love it. I've taken photos for everyone from Home Beautiful and Big Hearted Business to The Savage Club and Urban Man. Weddings, parties, funerals - if you can name it, I've probably worked in it.  

My career started back in the 1990's when I trained in a Melbourne commercial studio under European Industry Leaders; an education in pretty much ever aspect of running a studio. My work took me all over the world - I travelled to Japan, U.S.A., Holland, Bali, and London, before I took a break to briefly study interior design, and become a mother of four (I know!).  

When I formally returned to photography in 2010, I discovered the world was no longer using film, and I spend a number of years up-skilling (completing a Degree in Photography at PSC in Melbourne). I'm now back in the world,  shooting and occasionally styling in every genre you can imagine:  lifestyle, portraits (Family, Celebrity, Corporate), fashion (look-books) , live events (live music, conferences, weddings); you name it!  

If you have an idea you'd like to discuss, I'd be really happy to hear from you. Just contact me here.

Here's a more formal list of some clients I have worked with: 

Home Beautiful

Inside Out


Hunter & Ivy

Cooper Robinson Interiors

Clare Bowditch

Big Hearted Business

Coco Productions


Paper, Stone, Scissors

Tangerine Beach 


Nylon Hair Salon

Urban Man




Vision Critical

The Savage Club 


Terracotta Works

Bali Events Hire



Inside Out 

Canvas & Sasson 

The Block

The Good Guys

My House Rules

Arch Design

Bicknell FC Wine


Raise Foundation


Zoo Victoria


Little World

House & Garden

Bling Bar

House Rules